Celebrities Discuss Instagram Followers Impact on Casting

Veteran actor Ratna Pathak Shah recently voiced her frustration about being unemployed for over a year, attributing it to the industry’s focus on social media followers. In an interview, she mentioned that work is increasingly being awarded based on Instagram presence. Shah said, “Mujhe toh kisine nahi pooncha kyuki main Instagram pe hoon hi nahi. Toh shayad mujhe kaam nahi mila us wajah se.” Several other actors have shared their thoughts on this trend.

Instagram Followers and Casting Decisions

Karishma Tanna acknowledges the reality of social media influence in casting decisions. She pointed out that casting directors and producers often consider an actor’s Instagram following, as it can bring more visibility to a project. This trend can disadvantage talented actors who are not active on social media.

Shift After COVID-19

Actor Abhilash Thapliyal agrees with Shah, noting that the emphasis on social media followers intensified after the COVID-19 pandemic. He believes that opportunities in the industry are increasingly based on the number of followers an actor has, a trend that shows no signs of diminishing.

Aahana S Kumra highlighted that the industry operates on the basis of followers. She mentioned that many talented filmmakers and actors miss out on opportunities, like attending prestigious events, due to their lower social media presence. Kumra herself has not faced this issue but knows others who have.

Social Media Pressure on Actors

Meiyang Chang hopes the trend of valuing followers over talent will fade. He shared his own experience of losing a role to an actor with more followers, but he takes solace in the fact that talent and authentic performances should ultimately prevail.

Kubra Sait discussed the pressure that the social media culture exerts on actors, especially veterans. She finds it frustrating when casting decisions are influenced by an actor’s Instagram activity, and she deliberately distanced herself from social media to avoid this pressure.

Talent VS Social Media Validation

Vaibhav Tatwawaadi shared that while social media can influence casting decisions, true talent will always shine through. He believes that opportunities may be missed due to social media presence, but long-term success is built on genuine acting skills.

Divyenndu criticized the practice of casting based on Instagram followers, calling it “stupid.” He emphasized that deserving actors who have dedicated their lives to the craft are unfairly losing opportunities because of this superficial metric.

Transition Period in the Industry

Priyanshu Painyuli recognizes the current transition phase in the industry where social media influence plays a significant role. Despite this, he maintains a balanced approach, integrating social media into his career without letting it dominate.

Rohit Roy noted that while Instagram followers do impact casting, they also provide a platform for talented newcomers. He agrees with Shah’s observation but also acknowledges that social media presence can complement genuine acting talent.


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