Here’s the list of Hollywood directors who praised S.S. Rajamouli!

Here’s the list of Hollywood directors who praised S.S. Rajamouli……

1. Steven Spielberg
The legendary filmmaker, Steven Spielberg, has praised the Indian director, SS Rajamouli, for his recent release “RRR” in an exclusive conversation with the director, SS Rajamouli. The director called Rajamouli an outstanding filmmaker. As he says in his film The Fabelman,” The light changes how everything looks, well to the Tollywood Film Industry Rajamouli is the light. He called RRR a visual delight and eye candy.

2. James Cameron
Rajamouli interacted with Hollywood during the Oscars, where James Cameron said he loved Rajamouli’s work. The Avtaar director watched RRR twice and analyzed the whole film with Rajamouli. He praised Rajamouli’s direction and script writing.

3. Martin Scorsese
Hollywood’s critically acclaimed director praised RRR director S.S. Rajamouli during the Killer of the Flower Moon’s promotional interview. He said he liked Rajamouli’s direction and unique way of filmmaking. He said RRR is the best wholesome entertainer of the year 2022 .

4. James Gunn
The Guardian of the Galaxy director said RRR inspired him so much. He said that he liked Rajamouli’s filmmaking and also praised JR.NTR performance.

5. Japanese Director Makoto Shinkai praised RRR filmmaking. He said he liked Rajamouli’s direction from Baahubali. He said he watched Baahubali on the big screen and loved the film and Hollywood doesn’t give flavor entertainment like Baahubali and RRR. He said Rajamouli’s films are unique and entertaining.

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