Bianca Censori’s Friends Reveal Her True Self Away from Kanye

Bianca Censori’s Dual Life

Bianca Censori, renowned for her risqué outfits when out with Kanye West, is leading a dual life, according to her friends. The 29-year-old Australian architect, who married the 46-year-old rapper in 2022 following his divorce from Kim Kardashian, has sparked much curiosity and speculation with her daring fashion choices. However, her friends have revealed that Censori is a completely different person when she is not with West.

“Off the Clock” from Kanye West

Censori’s friends have told Page Six that she appears to be treated by West as “some dramatic installation of art.” When she is not fulfilling this role, she reportedly returns to her usual self, donning more conventional attire. One friend disclosed that during a recent trip to Australia, Censori was “back to normal,” wearing a sweater dress while enjoying pasta with her parents at a Melbourne cafe, a stark contrast to her usual barely-there outfits.

Friends Reassure Her Well-being

The same friend noted, “It was very obvious she was acting like she was off the clock from a job.” This shift in behavior suggests that her provocative public persona is a part of her “work” with West, rather than a reflection of her true self. The friend added, “When you look at all the press [about Censori and West], you would believe she has lost her mind, so it was good to see her with her family and being the person we remembered.” The sight of Censori in normal clothes with her family dispelled fears that her time with West had a lasting negative effect on her.

Censori’s revealing outfits have stirred up the internet, leading to speculations about coercion and estrangement from her family. However, her friends have debunked these theories, asserting that her family remains in close contact with her. The friend emphasized, “They haven’t been cut off and it was clear they still have plenty of contact with her. They would have been acting differently if this was some rescue from a cult-like leader!”


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