Suvinder Vicky on Climbing the Ladder of Success in Bollywood

Actor Suvinder Vicky, who captivated audiences as sub-inspector Balbir Singh in the series Kohrra, is now making waves as the antagonist in Manoj Bajpayee starrer Bhaiyya Ji. Despite his recent rise to fame, Vicky emphasizes that his journey has been a gradual climb rather than an overnight success. “Sometimes an artist playing small roles like me gets noticed very quickly, and sometimes even the artists playing lead roles don’t get the fame that they expect,” Vicky reflects.

A Long Road to Recognition

Suvinder Vicky has been acting since 2001, but it wasn’t until 2014 that his career began to gain momentum. He recalls, “I invested my time in acting but didn’t get very successful roles in the beginning. Somewhere inside me, I knew that I deserved something bigger and better, but I wasn’t getting the opportunity.” His persistence finally paid off with his standout performance in Kohrra, and his roles in CAT and an episode of Paatal Lok further solidified his reputation.

While Vicky acknowledges the significant role that streaming platforms have played in his recent success, he is quick to give credit to his roots in Punjabi cinema. “I wouldn’t like to give full credit to streaming platforms since I’ve worked in the Punjabi cinema before. If anything, OTT has helped me establish myself in Bollywood. I got a lot to learn while shooting for OTT, so I can give partial credit but not full credit,” he states.

Embracing Diverse Roles

In Bhaiyya Ji, Vicky plays a negative character, a departure from his role in Kohrra. However, he is unfazed by the potential typecasting. “I’ve played negative roles in the Punjabi industry in the past, so, I didn’t feel any kind of support slipping away from my audience’s side. Every human has a negative quality in them, and I use it up to refine my character. I feel lucky to portray what my directors envision for me,” he explains.

Working with Manoj Bajpayee

Bhaiyya Ji marks Manoj Bajpayee’s 100th film, and Vicky is grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such a seasoned actor. “Manoj ji has been in the industry for a very long time, so I knew from the beginning that he would get more attention than anyone else, and he is also deserving of that attention. He has invested 20-25 years here. I really appreciate getting an opportunity to work with such an icon. I’m just a beginner in commercial cinema; maybe someday I’ll hit the milestone myself,” he humbly acknowledges.

As Suvinder Vicky continues to navigate his career, his commitment to diverse roles and his willingness to learn from every experience remain his guiding principles. With his recent successes, he is poised to become a significant figure in both Punjabi cinema and Bollywood, proving that dedication and talent can indeed lead to well-deserved recognition.


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