Family Star Review: Underwhelming Echoes

Vijay Devarakonda and Parasuram Petla’s reunion for Family Star after five years of Geetha Govindam made Devarakonda fans exciting and anticpation towards the film reached high.But did the film really met half of their expectations? Here’s our review


Govardhan(VD) is the youngest with biggest responsibilities as a middle classman taking care of his whole family. Suddenly his life takes an interesting turn after meeting Mrunal Thakur as tenant in their house. But Mrunal comes into his life with a purpose. What’s that purpose? How does it affect their relationship?

Thought On The Film:

The plot of “The Family Star” is lacking in depth and coherence. While Vijay Deverakonda delivers decent performances in some scenes, he tends to go overboard in others. His acting could have been more effective with a stronger narrative to support it. Surprisingly, Mrunal Thakur, who impressed audiences in her previous Telugu films, fails to make an impact in “The Family Star.” Her character is poorly written, offering her little opportunity to showcase her talent.

Additionally, Vennela Kishore’s comedic timing falls short in generating laughs, while senior actress Rohini’s talents are underutilized. Even Jagapathi Babu, despite his brief appearance, fails to leave a significant impression. On the other hand, actors like Vasuki and Abhinaya manage to fulfill their roles adequately. The film’s lackluster screenplay, uninspiring background music, and mediocre dialogues further contribute to its overall disappointment. Despite its commendable production values, “The Family Star” fails to engage viewers emotionally, presenting itself as a disjointed series of scenes rather than a cohesive narrative.

Overall, “The Family Star” falls short of expectations, lacking the compelling storytelling and emotional depth needed to captivate audiences. While it boasts good production quality, including a couple of well-executed songs, these elements are overshadowed by the film’s sluggish screenplay and weak character development. With little emotional connection and a disjointed narrative structure, “The Family Star” fails to leave a lasting impression on its viewers.


Interval Bang
Couple of comedy blocks


Short story lengthy run
lack of entertainment

Rating: 2/5


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