Gopichand, in Unstoppable, reveals when Prabhas will get married.

Unstoppable with NBK has been trending on social media for the past few days, thanks to Prabhas appearance in Unstoppable with NBK 2. The points that mainly caught people’s attention in the programme were Balayya teasing Prabhas about his relationship status and the actor feeling shy throughout.

The second part of the show dropped on the OTT platform, Aha, on January 6. Prabhas’ fans were glued to the screen and couldn’t get enough of him. Many fans thanked Balakrishna for bringing out Prabhas’ fun side.

NBK asked many questions about Prabhas’ dating life and marriage. Gopichand, Prabhas’ best friend, who joined the show at the end of the first part, revealed interesting things when Balakrishna asked him about when Prabhas was going to get married. Gopichand said, “He will do it next year.” However, Prabhas’ reaction implied that’s not his plan.

When Balakrishna asked when Prabhas was going to put a full stop to the never-ending questions about his wedding, Prabhas said, “I will tell when I know it myself.”

Also, when Balakrishna asked what Prabhas does whenever he gets annoyed, Gopichand said, “He will ask everyone to “get out” and go alone.” Adding to that, he gestured that Prabhas would then smoke to blow off some steam.


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