Will Prashanth Neel make Neel-verse happen?

Recently, the makers of KGF franchise announced that Prashanth Neel will be working on a cinematic franchise like Marvel. This was a clear indication that there would be more outings from the KGF franchise in the coming days.

Cut to now, fans are speculating about the potential possibility of the Neel-verse, and here’s the story behind the same.

Prashanth Neel has already delivered a blockbuster with the KGF franchise, and he has superstars like Prabhas and Jr NTR at his disposal now.

If Prashanth decides to bring Rocky’s character from KGF, Salaar character from Salaar, and the central character from NTR31 together for a collaborative project, the sky would be the limit for this film.

But it is too early and a shade too farfetched to comment about Prashanth bringing together his fictional characters for a cinematic franchise, and we need to wait for an official confirmation on the same before drawing any conclusion.


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