Jr NTR is helping his brother big time.

Jr NTR and Kalyan Ram have forged a special bonding now. Their bonding strengthened after the sad passing away of Harikrishna. Now, the brother-duo is standing by each other when needed the most.

Jr NTR is helping his brother Kalyan Ram by giving a share in the profits. All of NTR’s upcoming films after RRR, including NTR30 and NTR31, will be co-produced by NTR Arts, which is owned by Kalyan Ram.

Kalyan Ram won’t be taking part in any aspect of the film production, but he will get his cut in the profits. He is set to make money the easy way without much hassle.

This is a widespread tradition in the Telugu film industry these days. Almost all the heroes are involved with the production side of films, and they are handsomely rewarded for the same.


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