“We lose A big chunk of the audience For Remake Films”

After the debacle Acharya, Megastar pinned his hopes on Godfather that came as a remake to Malayalam ‘Lucifer’. Though the film opened to positive talk, unfortunately it can’t score the breakeven. Recently, Ram Charan made surprising comments on Godfather.

In a recent interview talking about Godfather and remake movies, Charan said “I’ve recently released a movie, Godfather. It’s a remake of Mohanlal’s Lucifer. The film was widely watched on OTT. It did about Rs 145 crore to Rs 150 crore.”

“Yes we will lose a big chunk of the audience who have already seen the original film on OTT. The audiences might not want to come to theatres to watch the remake. Maybe the charisma of the star, star power would also have dragged the people back to theatres even though they have seen. But will that formula always work? I’d say no. I don’t know if I’d continue doing a lot of remakes.

Charan further added, “If I do a remake, I’d probably ask the producer of the original to not release it on OTT. On those conditions, I may do a remake. If I’ve seen a movie in theatres and if I like it, I might request that it not release on OTT. Maybe I’ll be interested. Otherwise, going forward, we’d all prefer to do original scripts.”



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