This Padmaavat actress was jobless for 6 months after the movie

Padmaavat actress

Recently, during an interaction, Anupriya Goenka mentioned that movies like Tiger Zinda Hai, Padmaavat, and War made her a recognizable figure in the industry. However, she faced an unusual situation when she received fewer work offers in the following six months. She said, “These films put me on the map, but for the next six months, I didn’t get any calls! I remember being very unsure of what was happening. As an actor, if I didn’t have work before, I at least used to have several auditions. I used to give 10-12 auditions a day!”

Anupriya also mentioned that when she’s occupied with auditions, she believes she is actively at “work” and can enhance her skills, which was not the case during that period. People had expected her to change after the back-to-back blockbuster success of the two films released just a month apart from each other. She said, “I realised that people started thinking, ‘Oh now she will charge more! Or she will have more work.’ All that change happens. A lot of people told me later that it takes time for the effect of a major change to show up. It rarely happens overnight, it didn’t with me. But its impact was definitely there, as after six months things did change for me.”

The actor continued her successful streak with her third major release, Hrithik Roshan‘s War in 2019, which also turned out to be a blockbuster. Anupriya vividly remembered telling her colleague while working on Padmaavat that if she had to endure 12 auditions a day once more after this, “then I will pack up.” She said, “Because I did that for five years and I know I have had my journey there, so I will aim at something else. Now I am at the stage where casting agents offer me to send a self-test but I insist on coming and auditioning because I miss that, face to face! I am very happy with the way things are and where I am heading.”

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