The Malayalam director will be surprised by the Telugu version.

Sithara Entertainments, the leading production house that has backed several quality films in recent years, has recently joined hands with Fortune Four Cinemas for a rural drama titled “Butta Bomma.” Anikha Surendran, Surya Vashistta, and Arjun Das play the lead roles in the film, directed by debutant Shourie Chandrasekhar Ramesh.

Before the release of the film remake of the super-hit film Kappela, director Shourie Chandra Sekhar makes some interesting comments.”I happened to see the Malayalam original and liked the movie a lot and wanted to remake it in Telugu. This is a script-based film and can be remade into other languages. “So, I adapted it into Telugu,” he said.

He added, “Our Telugu culture, comedy, and emotions are different, so we changed
nuances, but didn’t change the universal point that appeals to all. You can see some good changes in the first half. “I bet when the Malayalam director watches the Telugu version, he will be surprised at these changes.”

Gopi Sundar scores the music for the film. Navya Swami, Narra Srinu, Pammi Sai, Karthik Prasad, Vasu Inturi, Mirchi Kiran, Kancharapalem Kishore, and Madhumani essay all played supporting roles.

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