SRK’s upcoming film has a special connection with Alia Bhatt

Director Mahesh Bhatt has unveiled a charming secret about the making of his film Duplicate. In a heartwarming revelation during an interaction with the Lehren crew, Bhatt shared his unique motivation behind creating this movie.

Father’s Desire to Impress

Bhatt opened up about his desire to impress his youngest daughter, Alia Bhatt, who was just four years old at the time. He confessed that he aimed to craft a film that would capture her imagination and leave a lasting impression.

Mahesh Bhatt acknowledges:

Reflecting on his past work, Bhatt acknowledged that some of his earlier films might not have been suitable for young audiences due to their violent or dark themes. Recognizing the need for a change, he saw “Duplicate” as an opportunity to create something light-hearted and entertaining, perfect for his daughter’s age group. Bhatt humorously noted the challenge of impressing one’s children, stating that children often don’t easily admire their parents’ work. However, he hoped that Duplicate would break that trend and earn him some praise from little Alia.

Wholesome entertainment for the whole family:

In shaping Duplicate, Bhatt focused on elements that would appeal to children, such as humor, adventure, and a touch of magic. He aimed to create an experience that would captivate young minds while also providing wholesome entertainment for the whole family.

Family Cinema:

Mahesh Bhatt’s revelation highlights the joy of family-centric filmmaking, where directors draw inspiration from their loved ones to create cinematic treasures that resonate across generations. Through Duplicate, Bhatt not only sought to entertain but also to connect with his daughter especially. 


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