Thaman Following Anirudh’s footsteps?

SS Thaman is the most active Music director in the Telugu film industry. Bagging back-to-back prestigious projects, he is on a swing. Though Thaman, too, is from Chennai, he is being received well in Telugu rather than Tamil. As of now, there is a talk about Thaman in Tollywood. He is trying to follow in the footsteps of his Tamil counterpart Anirudh Ravichander. Anirudh is famous for featuring songs and moving feet to the tunes.

Along similar lines, Thaman, too, wants to grab the limelight as much as possible. He is trying to feature in special lyrics, dancing on the success meets, and sometimes he is unofficially becoming the PRO of the movie defending the movie or backing up the cast and crew of the film. He even tries to excite the movie as much as possible through his social media accounts or social media.

SS Thaman receives Backlash for his interventions in promotions or interviews. Critics say that Thaman does a lot more work than what’s required for a film that seems cringeworthy. “Thaman’s duty is to provide the best tunes to the movie. But instead, he is trying to grab the attention of filmmakers more with his undue promotions on social media. He even fights with anti-fans on behalf of the star in the movie he works on. He is even following Anirudh and wants to make lyrical videos for his films. He wants to be seen during shoots and even in pre-release events. Leaving all these aside, he needs to provide good tunes to stay in the good books of filmmakers. The critics are even showing the examples like his Guru Mani Sharma, who never comes out publicly but provides the best music possible. Whatever he does, let’s hope his music will be the best of them.


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