Parasuram back in Geetha compound?

Parasuram Petla has joined the Star directors list with his latest flick Sarkaru Vari Pata. Before SVP, all his movies like Yuvatha, Anjaneyulu, Solo, Sarocharu, Srirasthu Shubhamastu, Geetha Govindham were medium-ranged films. For the first time, Parasuram directed a massive movie like SVP. Up to the launch of this film, he was always called the Geetha compound director. There is a reason for that. Geetha Arts gave him the necessary push to stand on his ground while he wasn’t a prominent director. He made two films for them. One is Allu Sirish”s Srirasthu Shubhamastu, and another is his career’s high point, Geetha Govindham.

Before SVP, Parasuram was always noticed in the Geetha Arts office. Whatever he had done, the banner stood with him. Even the SVP was rumored to be written for Allu Arjun and moved on to Mahesh as Bunny rejected it. Now, recent reports reveal that he is back at the Geetha compound. His next movie is with Naga Chaitanya, and Geetha Arts will be bankrolling the project. Geetha banner has already done a project with Chay, “100 Percent Love”. According to the sources, after Chay’s movie, Parasuram might prepare a script for NTR. It will be produced by the Geetha compound too. But as of now, Tarak has projects lined up, and Parasuram can direct him only after the competition of all those movies.


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