Salman Khan eyes on ‘Paadaghattam’

Acharya, starring Megastar Chiranjeevi failed to create a sensation at the box office. Directed by Siva Koratala, the movie disappointed the wide section of the audience at the box office. One aspect of Acharya that went viral on social media is Padaghattam, and it is where the majority of the story was weaved around. And the makers erected a unique set for the same.

Now, Salman Khan has his eyes on this location. Interestingly, to shoot his next Bollywood film, Salman Khan decided to use this location.

As per the latest speculations in the tinsel town, Salman Khan will enter the Padaghattam to shoot a special song. The makers have made plans for the same already. Pooja Hegde and Venkatesh are also a part of the film, and they might also take part in the shoot.

The makers of Acharya spent a bomb on erecting the Padaghattam set, and we have to see if more Bollywood producers will make use of the set after the release of Salman Khan’s film.


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