Neil Nitin Mukesh Recalls The Incident, Asking Shah Rukh Khan To ‘Shut Up’

Neil Nitin Mukesh and SRK

Nearly a decade ago, during an awards ceremony, Shah Rukh Khan humorously inquired why Neil Nitin Mukesh possessed three first names without a surname. In response, Neil playfully told Shah Rukh to “quiet down,” deeming the question offensive. This clip frequently circulates on social media, and Neil recently discussed it in an interview.

In a conversation with Siddharth Kannan, Neil revealed, “We were both enjoying ourselves. He understood that, and I did as well.” Neil emphasized that his intention was never to offend Shah Rukh Khan; he expressed a deep affection for the Pathaan actor.

Subsequently, Neil was questioned about whether the incident had been scripted. He responded, saying, “If you believe it to be so, I’ll accept it. If you wish to label it as scripted, that’s fine, but there was an element of affection… He informed me that we would have some fun with this. However, he also cautioned me that he would tease me and advised me to respond naturally. I inquired, ‘Sir, how far can I go with this fun?’ He replied, ‘Whatever comes to your mind, go ahead.’ He granted me that freedom, and I acted accordingly.”

For those unaware, during the awards show, Shah Rukh remarked, “I have a question for Neil Nitin Mukesh. Your name is Neil Nitin Mukesh, but where is the surname, my friend? You have all first names. Why don’t you possess a surname?”

In response, Neil had answered, “Sir, a very thoughtful question, thank you. But may I express my thoughts?” With Shah Rukh’s approval, Neil continued, “To be honest, that comment is rather hurtful to me. It doesn’t sit well. I believe you haven’t noticed, but my father is present here. I believe it’s best for you all to keep quiet. I apologize.”

Neil further shared in the interview that Shah Rukh wasn’t upset with him despite Neil’s request to quiet down. In fact, Shah Rukh acknowledged Neil’s response as appropriate. Neil concluded by affirming his commitment to always show respect to his elders.

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