Akhil has become Jon Snow!

Game of Thrones is one of the world’s most acclaimed and watched series. As the show neared the end, Jon Snow emerged as the protagonist, and the character has as many fans as the leading lady Daenerys Targaryen all over the world. For a moment, let’s think about who will fit Jon Snow’s role in Tollywood? Akkineni Akhil seems to be a perfect choice, says the netizens. His recent look from the Agent movie led to this discussion among the netizens. Akhil was holding a fur-laced jacket while shooting for the film. His entire attire, hairstyle, and facial hair were utterly reminding Jon Snow in GOT. Some even called him Akkineni Jon Snow which is indeed the word that strikes your mind as soon as you see the photo.

Akhil’s agent has always been in the news since the shoot started, be it because of the Akhil’s physique built for the movie or the stills that excites the fans. Director Surender Reddy knows about handling the mass audience. All these factors combined make Akhil’s film as one of the most awaited ones in Tollywood. Though the Akkineni’s scion found success through Most Eligible Bachelor, that one solid hit Khaidi for Chiranjeevi is evading him. Fans are hoping that this might be that movie that gives Akhil the proper platform. The fans demand that he needs to do mass movies more in number. Will Agent be that movie that can unleash the real mass monster inside Akhil? Fans are hoping so.


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