Taapsee Pannu shares her opinion on ‘Animal’

Animal by Sandeep Reddy Vanga has become a big controversial movie more than a successful movie. Any actors and filmmakers who have experience being in the field have expressed their disappointment toward the film animal. Now, Taapsee Pannu reveals her take on the movie.

Taapsee Pannu primarily works in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil films, and she is one such actress in the industry who has been vocal on social issues, whether relating to the industry or society. The actress has now spoken about the remarks the movie Animal is making.

When asked about the Animal’s success in 2023 in her recent interview the actress first said that she had not seen that film. Still, many people told her many things about the film. “look, I am not an extremist, so I agree to disagree to a lot of people… don’t compare it to Hollywood and say ‘If you liked Gone Girl, how can you not like Animal’? You are catering to a different audience. In Hollywood, people don’t start copying actors’ hairstyles from movies or using a film’s line in real life. They also don’t start stalking women after seeing it in a movie. But all this happens in our country. This is our reality. You cannot compare our film industries with Hollywood and say ‘Why are these pseudos talking like this about Animal when they can enjoy Gone Girl as an art’? Understand the difference,” said the actress.

She added by quoting Spiderman’s famous dialogue, ‘With power comes responsibility.’ but she also clarified that she would never tell any actor to not do these types of films. However, she concluded by saying that she would not do a movie like Animal.

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