Noted Director Sandeep Reddy vanga advice to Natural star

Natural Star Nani is one of those self made actors who doesn’t need a special introduction for the viewers. This actor is not born as an actor but he became a super star of Tollywood with his hard work and consistent passion. From his career as an assistant director to one of the top actors in the Industry, Nani’s journey is truly inspirational.

Nani is well connected to the audience as the boy next door but this actor proved himself as the best actor with his new shade in the film V and then he never turned back. His recent film ‘Hi Nanna’ which is a roller coaster of emotions, is a blockbuster. This film have shown a new side of nani and his incredible performance attracted the audience well. Now Hi nana is the talk of the town.

As everyone is talking about Hi nanna and the exceptional acting of Nani, The sensational Director, who is well known for the incredible love stories like Arjun Reddy, Kabir singh is now back with another incredible film ‘Animal’, though few viewers find his films misleading, the craze for his films is extremely high. This director recently spoke about nani saying, ‘Nani is a bundle of talent and he is born for action, his incredible action in Hi nanna is appreciable and unexpected”

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