Krithi Shetty puts an end to rumors about a star hero.

For a few days, there has been a lot of speculation around the actress Krithi Shetty who made certain comments while speaking to the media in an interview. It was wrongly reported that Kriti had disclosed being harassed by a star hero’s son.

Later speculations started that the star hero’s son has followed Kriti Shetty non-stop everywhere that she was scared. Also, rumors stated that the star hero’s son was calling Krithi everywhere and that he wanted her to always accompany him wherever he went.

Now, the Uppena actress has opened up about those speculations. Kriti Shetty took to her social media platform and said that all these rumors are not true and she had never said anything of that kind. Explaining this further, Kriti wrote, “Please stop cooking up stories and spreading wrong information.”

“Thought I’d ignore this since it’s such a baseless rumor …but it is getting blown out of proportion.”, She added. From the words that the actress wrote, it was very clear that Kriti was only explaining herself as the rumors were getting out of hand.

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