Rhea Chakraborthy expresses she feels disrespected as Prince steps in to direspect her once again

Gautham Gulati and Prince Narula’s brawl has always created a buzz. Both the leaders of Roadies developed differences in opinion since the initial days of the shoot claimed Prince in his recent interview.

After a massive verbal dispute, Sonu Sood and Salman Khan had to step in to end the brawl but of no use. This time the leaders got into a fight once again. Rhea Chakraborty addresses that, Prince posted an Instagram story calling Rhea and Gautham “Fattus” referring to scared cats. To which Prince argues, ” Looking at you angers me, it is not like, it is not like I make it a point to do that and it is my social media account and I shall post anything I wish to.” as Rhea suggests, ” No one wants to get disrespected, I don’t want to be disrespected either.” as Gautham adds to the conversation stating, “You are promoting hate.” as the promo further shows Prince yelling calling Gautham Gulati a double-faced person. The duo soon get into a verbal brawl which paves the way to a physical fight when the host Sonu Sood steps in to stop them.

Rhea Chakraborty is currently one of the gang leaders of MTV Roadies gets appreciated after so long publically. Rhea previously appeared in various films namely, Tuneega Tuneega, her Telugu Debut Film, and the first film in her career. She later appeared in Meri Dad ki Maruthi her debut Bollywood film.

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