Priyanka Chopra shares a heartfelt note on Mother’s Day thanking Malti Marie

Priyanka Chopra shares a heartfelt note on Mother’s Day thanking Malti Marie

Expressing Gratitude

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Priyanka Chopra took to social media to extend her heartfelt wishes to all who have been fortunate enough to experience the love and care of a mother or mother figure.

Chopra reflected on her upbringing, expressing gratitude not only to her mother and grandmothers but also to her aunts, emphasizing the collective effort it takes to raise a child.

Sweet Nostalgia

As a new mother herself, Chopra shared how she finds traces of her own childhood reflected in each day spent with her daughter, whom she affectionately refers to as “MM.”

Chopra credited her mother and mother-in-law for their unwavering support and guidance, describing them as “absolutely magical” companions on her journey of motherhood. She acknowledged that without their assistance, balancing her many responsibilities would be challenging.

A Special Thank You

In a touching tribute, Chopra expressed gratitude to her husband, Nick Jonas, and their daughter, Malti Marie. She thanked Malti Marie for choosing her to be her mother and Nick Jonas for making her a mama, emphasizing that parenting with him is like living a dream.

Chopra concluded her message by expressing overwhelming gratitude for the love and support that surround her. She thanked all the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and mother figures for their boundless love and dedication, emphasizing the profound blessings of motherhood.

With her heartfelt message, Priyanka Chopra not only celebrated Mother’s Day but also highlighted the importance of familial support and the joy of parenthood.


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