Preity Zinta requests paps to not click pictures

Preity Zinta requests paps to not click pictures

Preity Zinta was spotted hitting the gym today, dedicating time to her fitness regimen. However, her workout session took an unexpected turn when she encountered the paparazzi. Curious about how they managed to keep tabs on celebrities’ schedules, Zinta decided to engage in conversation with them.

To her surprise, the photographers disclosed that they had been tracking her movements through her car’s number plate. Concerned about her privacy and security, Zinta took a proactive step and politely requested the paparazzi to respect her boundaries.

Understanding the potential risks associated with capturing images of her car’s number plate, Zinta emphasized the importance of safeguarding her personal information. In a firm yet courteous manner, she asked the paps to refrain from clicking her car’s registration details.

Zinta’s request highlighted the growing concerns among celebrities regarding their privacy and safety in the face of relentless media attention. While she acknowledged the paparazzi’s job, she also emphasized the need for mutual respect and boundaries.

This incident serves as a reminder of the constant scrutiny that public figures face and the delicate balance between fame and personal space. Preity Zinta’s polite yet assertive stance reflects her commitment to protecting her privacy while navigating the spotlight.


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