Karishma Tanna calls herself a Red flag

Karishma Tanna calls herself a Red flag:

Karishma Tanna calls herself a red flag, as she plays the red and green flag game.

Karishma Tanna reveals she is the red flag in her relationship:

Karishma Tanna, in a recent interaction with a news portal, plays the Red Flag and Green Flag game. She reacts to each question by using the flags. The Red flag in the game stands for negative attributes while the Green flag stands for positive attributes.

The Scoop actress, mentions that she is a red flag as she believes the questions are inclined towards her and she is that individual in her relationship who falls asleep while watching the film before the interval. She also added that she is a vegetarian, while her husband is a non-vegetarian, but he makes it a point that his wife gets to eat a proper meal without having to adjust. Karishma Tanna also shares that is a homely person and enjoys staying at home and her husband has slowly changed as he understands she enjoys chilling at home and spends time with her at home. She further added humorously, “Then I am the red flag here.”

Karishma Tanna articulates her husband’s love and concern for her:

Karishma also expressed that her partner understands her very well and tries to do everything she loves, ” I know how to do Garba, but I don’t play it often, he doesn’t know how to play garba, but if I force him to do it, he would learn it for as he loves doing what I love.”, shared Karishma Tanna articulating her husband’s love and concern towards her.


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