Irrespective of result, OTT rules the roost



Art is to be celebrated and the right way to celebrate the cinematic art form is to watch it in theatres and have a great viewing experience. However, the growth of the OTT platforms is killing the theatrical viewing experience and irrespective of the result of a film, the OTT platforms are pulling the films out of theatres so early.

In fact, there is a business involved here. The OTT platforms are offering a huge amount to the producers, in order to grab the films soon and bring them to the audience.

Gone are those days when we celebrated films for 50 days and 100 days. Now, everything has boiled down to less than a month in theatres.

Currently, the OTT platforms are ruling the roost and they are taking the release calls of when a particular film will land up on the streaming platform.

Even if the film becomes a hit or if it becomes a flop, the OTT platforms decide when the film lands on the OTT.


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