Here are 5 Telugu Good content films that will bring you closer to nativity

Here are 5 Telugu Good content films that will bring you closer to nativity

Commercial Telugu Cinema has always brought all the world’s audience together, but what about good-content cinema?

From Balagam to Cinema Bandi here are films that bring out the nativity out of Telugu natives. These films are emotionally driven with relatable instances.

1. “Egire Tarajuvvala”

“Egire Tarajuvvala” is a heartwarming Telugu film that revolves around the lives of two individuals from different backgrounds who find solace in each other’s company. Filled with poignant moments and soulful performances, this movie beautifully captures the essence of human relationships and the power of love to transcend barriers.

2. “Cinema Bandi”

“Cinema Bandi” is a delightful comedy-drama that takes place in a small village in Andhra Pradesh. The story follows a group of villagers who stumble upon a high-end camera and decide to make a movie. As they navigate the challenges of filmmaking with limited resources, the film offers a humorous yet endearing portrayal of their aspirations and dreams.

3. “Balagam”

“Balagam” is a touching Telugu film that explores the bond between a grandfather and his grandson. Set against the backdrop of rural Andhra Pradesh, the movie intricately weaves together themes of tradition, family, and the importance of preserving cultural heritage. Through its heartfelt narrative, Balagam celebrates the beauty of simple joys and the wisdom passed down through generations.

4. “Pellichoopulu”

“Pellichoopulu” is a refreshing romantic comedy that follows the journey of two individuals brought together by a chance encounter. Set in urban Hyderabad, the film captures the quirks and nuances of modern relationships with humor and authenticity. With its relatable characters and witty dialogue, “Pellichoopulu” offers a charming glimpse into the dynamics of contemporary romance.

5. “Care of Kancharapalem”

“Care of Kancharapalem” is a poignant anthology film that unfolds in the eponymous neighborhood of VisakhapatnamThrough interconnected stories, the movie explores love, longing, and the complexities of human emotions. With its ensemble cast of non-professional actors and authentic portrayal of everyday life, Care of Kancharapalem resonates deeply with audiences, offering a heartfelt ode to the human experience.


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