Episode 2 of Chief Detective 1958: OTT Release Details

Featuring Lee Je-hoon, Lee Dong-hwi, Choi Woo-sung, and Yoon Hyun-soo in pivotal roles, Chief Detective 1958 has been generating buzz ever since its announcement. Directed by Kim Seong-hoon and scripted by Kim Young-shin, this prequel to the renowned 1970s Korean drama Chief Inspector finally made its debut yesterday (April 19), eliciting excitement among fans eagerly awaiting the second episode.

Episode 2

Episode 1 has received a positive response from viewers, building anticipation for the series and its upcoming installment. The show delves into the adventures of Park Young-han, a celebrated detective known for his prowess in solving various mysteries. The trailer teases his collaborations with three colleagues as they tackle crimes together.

Yesterday marked the premiere of Chief Detective 1958, exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar. The eagerly awaited second episode is scheduled to air today (April 20). With subsequent episodes set to premiere every Friday and Saturday. Timings are at 21:50 Korean Standard Time (KST), equivalent to 6:20 pm Indian Standard Time (IST).

Story and Trailer

Chief Detective 1958 follows the adventures of Park Young-han, a renowned detective. He is a celebrated detective in known for his skill in solving a multitude of mysteries. The trailer provides glimpses of his collaboration with three colleagues. Together they confront crimes and join forces to catch criminals together.

Chief Detective 1958 cast

The stellar ensemble cast includes Lee Je-hoon as Park Young-han, alongside Seo Eun-soo as Lee Hye-joo, Yoon Hyun-soo, Choi Woo-sung, Lee Dong-hwi, Choi Deok-moon, Song Wook-kyung as Byun Dae-sik, Nam Hyun-woo as Oh Ji-seop, Jo Han-jun as Hwang Soo-man, Ryu Yeon-seok as Song Jae-deok, Yoon Woo as Kim Sun-kyung, and Lee Suk-hyeong as Jung Kook-jin, among others. Notably, actor Choi Bool-am makes a special appearance in the series.

The series will broadcast on the local channel MBC TV in South Korea. Created by Park Jae-beom, the production is overseen by Ahn Eun-mi, Kim Ji-ha, and Yoon Hong-mi.

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