Ante Sundaraniki Tops The Netflix

Tollywood film Ante Sundaraniki, starring Nani and Nazriya Fahadh in the lead roles, received good reviews upon its release in theatres on June 10. However, it’s time length and bit dragging narration made the movie fail to achieve the break even in some areas.

However, as many people are excited to watch this film on OTT, catching it out, the OTT streaming giant Netflix started streaming of the film on July 10.

Announcing the same, last Sunday, Netflix took to its twitter and wrote , “Today, our TUDUMs have been replaced with wedding bells, because it’s finally Sundar & Leela’s special day! 🔔✨❤️ Ante Sundaraniki is now streaming in Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil!”

Happy with this News, Movie buffs started watching this fun-ride on the small-screen. Best thing is that with lot many people interested to watch this film, finally Ante Sundarinki is trending #1 on Netflix crossing out many recent big releases.

Helmed by Vivek Athreya , the film also stars Rohini, Nadhiya, Azhagam Perumal and Anupama Parameswaran in lead roles.


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