Amazon prime slowed down in content acquisition

Amazon Prime Video is one of the popular streaming services that has bagged a lot of Telugu films at one go in the pandemic period. Amazon used to have a huge library of films, but of late, the streaming service is not very actively bagging new films.

RRR has gone to Zee5 and Ante Sundaraniki has been picked up by Netflix. F3 has been picked up by Sony LIV and Virata Parvam has gone to Netflix. Apart from a couple of big-budgeted flicks, all the other films have been picked up by other streaming platforms and it shows that Amazon Prime Video has slowed down in content acquisition.

We hear that Amazon prime Video is setting up an office in Hyderabad to begin their operations to come up with the production of more regional content. We have to see if Amazon will be back in the competition.


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