777 Charlie OTT Streaming Date Locked

Helmed by Kiranraj K, the recent release of Rakshik Shetty ‘Charlie 777’ scored a decent talk in Tollywood also. Mainly the film was critically acclaimed and particularly made the dog lovers more emotional.

The film portrays the heartwarming bond between a dog and a man named Dharma (Rakshit Shetty) who was a loner, and spends his routine life like going to the factory, coming back to home following eating, smoking and drinking beer. But finally one day his life changes with a female dog Charlie entry. This storyline was narrated in an emotional and beautiful way by the director.

Now, the latest buzz about this film is that audiences who missed this emotional flick in theatres can get ready to watch it in theatres.

Yes, this Kannada film will start its premiere on Voot from July 29th. However, whether the same date is confirmed for Telugu Charlie 777 also is yet to be known.


Produced by Rakshit Shetty and GS Gupta, this adventure drama Sangeetha Sringeri in the lead actress role.



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