Telangana High Court’s Shock to Sai Pallavi!

Talented actress Sai Pallavi’s next movie Gargi is a film about court drama and the lead role fights for justice on behalf of her father. Coincidentally, the actress is now facing court problems in real life. As her statements comparing Kashmiri Pandits genocide and cow vigilante incidents went viral, the Bajrang Dal leaders complained about her to Sultan Bazar police in Hyderabad that she had hurt the sentiments of Hindus.

In that interview, the actress said that she had watched the Kashmir Files movie which showed the cruelty upon Pandits in Kashmir and stated that the mob attacks during cow vigilantism incidents are nothing different from the Kashmir incidents. Violence is violence no matter in which form, said the Fidaa actress. This has led to an uproar in many Hindu organizations. This resulted in the actress landing in legal soup. She even responded later by explaining why she made those remarks although didn’t apologize as many expected. So, the anger about her statements prevailed.

On June 21st, notices were served to her regarding the registration of a Police case. Pallavi approached the Telangana High court requesting to cancel these notices but the court rejected her petition. As a result, the actress might have to face all legal proceedings. Will one of Bajrang Dal or Sai Pallavi step back? or both will go through legal hustle? These are the interesting questions now.


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