What’s wrong with Pawan’s Movies?

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is the name in synonym with the craze in Telugu Film Industry. With crores of die-hard fans, Pawan’s average flick too feels like a superhit. But, there is a thorn amongst all this glory. To date, PSPK doesn’t have a movie with Rs 100 Crore Share. Even though this seems to be an unbelievable snippet, it’s true. While the other stars of Tollywood are ransacking the box office, Pawan’s films seem to do well only for a short burst of days and then fade away. Trade experts say that this has always been the case with PSPK movies. In Telugu Film Industry, Superstar Mahesh Mahesh has 4 movies with over Rs 100 Crore share. He is in the first place. Prabhas is in second place with 3 such films, Allu Arjun with 2, Chiranjeevi and Ramcharan with 2 films per head, Ntr with one film that has Rs 100 Crores share.

Meanwhile, Pawan does not have a single movie that has a Rs 100 Crore share. What could possibly be the reason behind this underperformance of PSPK movies? In a hindsight, it could be because of the fans themselves. Just like Pawan, his fans too are like crackers. While running, they are so bright and sound but it’s always brief. While the fans of other heroes do continue to watch and run the film as long as possible, PSPK fans generally look to watch the movie on the first weekend itself and throng theaters.

By the second week, as almost all the fans would have watched the film, it slows down significantly. This has always been the case with Pawan’s movies. Another reason is the selection of Pawan’s scripts. Of late, he is depending more on the remakes and less on original ones. As the story is already known, not much anticipation can be seen in the general audience. The third reason is his political aspirations. Pawan wants to do a lot of movies for money (himself revealed) which in turn may give a dent in the quality of his films although quantity is more. Right now, he is busy with Krish Jagarlamudi’s Hari Hara Veeramallu. It has to be seen if this fictional movie will get Pawan his 1st Rs 100 Crore share.


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