What’s Happening With Akhanda 2..!!

Directed by Boyapati, Akhanda proved to be one of the highest-grossing films in Tollywood in 2021. With this movie, Natasimha Balakrishna delivered a hat-trick and true-blue blockbuster with Boyapati.

Akhanda struck a chord with the audience with its high elevations and unique storytelling pattern with a blend of Indian mythology. After bagging such a good hit, there has been chatter about its sequel, and now, we have exclusively learned that Akhanda 2 is definitely in the making.

If the grapevine of the industry is to be believed, then Boyapati is in discussion for the Akhanda sequel with the writers. Though the Balayya-Boyapati duo planned a political drama film to be released during the coming elections, now, as per the reports, the movie is put on hold with a focus on the ‘Akhanda’ sequel.

It is also heard that the movie story is about Akhanda Rudra Sikinder Agora’s return because of the word given to the child at the end of the Akhana Part 1. With this news revolving around the film industry, Tollywood movie lovers are excited about the shooting start date and the movie release.

Another Interesting news is that produced by Miryala Ravinder Reddy, Akhanda’s sequel would be a Pan India release as ‘Akhanda’ part 1, made only in Telugu, gained massive response from Bollywood social media pages as well.

Currently, Balayya is doing a film with Gopichand Malineni. Later he will do a movie with Anil Ravipudi, after which the shooting of ‘Akhanda 2’ may go up.


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