Unnamed Jr NTR movie could have altered Telugu Film Industry..

Tollywood director Sriwaas recently shared in a press meeting that he had worked on a script for a movie based on Village Adoption with Young Tiger Jr NTR in 2008. The film, which would have focused on the development of a rural village, was ultimately not made after Jr NTR decided he wasn’t the right fit for the subject.

Sriwaas believes that if the movie had been made in 2008, it could have had a significant impact on the Telugu film industry. According to him, Srimanthudu and Maharshi, two of the most successful films in recent years, may never have been made if Village Adoption had been released first. This statement highlights the impact that a single movie can have on the industry and how crucial it is to choose the right projects.

Perhaps we would have seen more such incidents like this, all scripts never go on sets because of so many valid reasons. At some point, his statements are wrong. The movies Srimanthudu and Maharshi are altered by context through the films made on a village backdrop.

While we will never know for sure, this case shows that the power of a single film can be immense, and its influence can be felt long after its release. Currently, Sriwaas is working with Macho Star Gopi Chand for Ramabanam and the movie will hit screens on May 5, 2023. This is the third collaboration between this actor and director.

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