Tamil trouble went on fan wars again..!!

Tamil cinema followers are as aggressive as anyone can get. It’s impossible to handle them if they get into fan wars. Now, the fans of Vijay and Rajinikanth have indulged in a senseless fight.

While Vijay’s fans argue that Rajinikanth’s era is ended and Vijay is the next big thing in Tamil cinema, Rajini’s fans contradict them.

Rajini’s fans reveal that Vijay’s fans have ignored Rajnikanth as a global wonder. Vijay can’t even dream of a follower base as extensive as Rajini’s.

Rajini’s fans argue that the recent box office failures can’t be attributed to Rajini’s overall image.

In response, Vijay’s fans are using the box office numbers of the recent films of Rajnikanth and Vijay. This is as senseless as it can get.

Tamil cinema followers are engaging in ugly fan wars instead of celebrating two of their biggest superstars.


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