Sundeep Kishan says there is a Marvel element in his upcoming film Ooru Peru Bhairavakona

Most people don’t know that Sundeep Kishan, an established star in Tollywood, was an assistant director before he became an actor Ooru Peru Bhairavakona.

When asked, “What did this craft(acting) teach him?” the actor shares an exciting answer. Read more to know. 

The actor shared,”The craft taught me resilience most, than anything else; we step into the field believing this is an extremely creative space, which is not the case. As an actor, you are bound by a zillion parameters, and within these parameters, you have to look for something which is exciting for you. To be here, the movies that we work for have to perform, and for the film to do well, we have to play a cricket game; the movie is not a tennis match (implying that everyone has to work as a team). If the craft has taught me something about life.” He added, ” I take my characters personally; there is something about Bhasava that is Sundeep, and there is something about Michael that is Sundeep.”.

Sundeep Kishan also shared that he prefers choosing the characters he gets to connect with; though there are roles that the actor couldn’t relate to previously, he attempts to choose his scripts responsibly and consciously. He also disclosed that Ooru Peru Bhairavakona also has a Marvel element during the conversation with the host. 

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