Is this the last option for Krithi Shetty to survive in this Industry

krithi shetty, a well known tollywood actress who was introduced with the film uppena, beside a debutant actor and under the debutant director which created a history by winning a national award for the best film. she instanly gained popularity for her cuteness and her expressions and had a big lineup as female lead in movies along star heros like Naga Chaitanya, Nani, Ram etc and was also treated as the golden leg for the consecutive hits in the Industry. Krithi has been the most happening stars at that time.

Even though she got a big milestone with her first film, this actress couldn’t survive as the leading star of Tollywood for many years. After a few hits, Krithi faced blackash for getting consecutive flops and she was blamed as the iron leg of tollywood. Eventually this beauty is currently not a part any films as the producers are not ready to risk the films.

Despite all of these, krithi shetty has been very active on social media and this actress kept sharing glamourous photos of her shoots and also has been a part of social media endorsements of few brands to keep her image alive in the Industry . But nothing helped her to survive in the Industry like before. This actress had a back up option of being a doctor, but looks like now she is all dependent on films and is trying to make acting as her career.

As another actress who is currently trending and is most happening actress in Tollywood and is being praised for her dance. Even though her acting is a troll material, she is still being casted for her dance moves. So, now Krithi also is going in her steps. Krithi recently shared a video of her dancing with another girl. in this video the actress is seen doing belly dance. This actress kept dance as a last option for surviving in the Industry. And If this also fails, there is no chance for her to survive in the Industry.She last appeared in the film ‘Custody’ with Naga Chaitanya and didn’t get any chance after that flop.

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