Sudheer Babu positive on AAGMC!

Though he does a lot of hard work, hero Sudheer Babu didn’t have a proper solid mass hit till now. Even though “V” and Sammohanam were received by the audience very well, they were not some smashing hits that can propel him to superstardom. So, he is looking for Mohana Krishna Indraganti’s ‘Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali’. According to sources, Sudheer has recently watched the final copy of the movie and was elated. Grapevine reports say that he was immensely satisfied with the output and is sure that it’s his best film to date.

He expressed the same with his movie team too. The irony is.. he said the same for Sri Devi soda center and the movie was a bomb at the box office. Now the filmy people are eager to see what would be the result of #AAGMC. Krithi Shetty is starring alongside Sudheer in this rom-com. The protagonist will be seen as a filmmaker who tries to convince the beautiful doctor, i.e .. Krithi to act in his movie. The rest of the film is about the romance brewing between the actor and actress. It will be along the lines of Sammohanam, a feel-good love flick.


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