Stop saying Bhidu if you don’t want to be sued by Jackie Shroff

Jackie Shroff has recently initiated legal proceedings to protect his personal rights and public image. In a significant move, Shroff lodged a lawsuit in the Delhi High Court on Tuesday against several parties, accusing them of unauthorized exploitation of his identity and likeness.

Breach of Personal Rights

At the heart of the legal action is Shroff’s assertion that various entities have unlawfully utilized his name, photographs, voice, and even the colloquial term “Bhidu” without obtaining his explicit consent. This alleged breach of his rights forms the crux of his legal challenge.

Unauthorized Use of Identity

Shroff’s legal team contends that these entities have been profiting from the actor’s persona without proper authorization, thereby infringing upon his right to control the commercial use of his identity. The unauthorized appropriation of his name, images, and distinctive catchphrases undermines his ability to safeguard his public image and interests.

Protection of Publicity Rights

By taking legal recourse, Shroff seeks to assert his publicity rights, which are crucial for maintaining control over his public image and reputation. His lawsuit aims to establish the principle that individuals, especially public figures like himself, have the right to protect their identity from unauthorized exploitation for commercial gain.

Voice of Consent

Central to Shroff’s legal argument is the importance of obtaining consent for the use of his likeness and persona in any commercial venture. The actor emphasizes that his voice, images, and the unique moniker “Bhidu” are integral aspects of his identity, and their unauthorized use without his consent violates his rights as an individual.

Shroff’s legal battle underscores the high stakes involved in the entertainment industry concerning the protection of celebrities’ personal rights and public image. The outcome of this case could set a precedent for how celebrities assert control over their identity and likeness in an era marked by pervasive media and commercial exploitation.

Jackie Shroff’s decision to pursue legal action against the unauthorized use of his identity reflects a broader struggle faced by celebrities to safeguard their personal rights and public image. Through this lawsuit, Shroff aims to assert his control over his persona and send a clear message that unauthorized exploitation will not be tolerated.


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