Shivangi Joshi and Kushal Tandon Dating Confirmed

Social media has been set ablaze with speculation as a video featuring Shivangi Joshi and Kushal Tandon enjoying a boxing match during what is rumored to be a vacation in Thailand has gone viral. This clip, showcasing the duo from “Barsatein Mausam Pyaar Ka,” has sparked intense curiosity among fans about the nature of their relationship.

From On-Screen Chemistry to Off-Screen Connection

The intrigue deepens as this video’s emergence follows an exclusive report by News18 Showsha, citing a trustworthy source confirming the actors’ romantic involvement. The source revealed that the co-stars’ affection blossomed on the set of “Barsatein,” and they have been inseparable since.

A Love Story Unfolding Behind the Scenes

An insider intimately acquainted with Shivangi and Kushal shared insights into their burgeoning romance. According to this confidant, the actors’ connection evolved into a serious commitment during the filming of “Barsatein,” with engagement plans on the horizon.

The Private Lives of Public Figures

Despite the swirling rumors, the actors have maintained a veil of privacy over their personal lives. The insider explained that both Shivangi and Kushal prefer to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, hinting at a potential future announcement when the timing feels appropriate.

Kushal Tandon Responds

Amidst the growing conjecture, Kushal Tandon took to Instagram to address the rumors head-on, humorously questioning the engagement news and clarifying his current focus on martial arts training in Thailand.

The Enigmatic Duo of Barsatein- Mausam Pyaar Ka

The on-screen pairing of Shivangi Joshi and Kushal Tandon in “Barsatein- Mausam Pyaar Ka” captivated viewers, earning widespread adoration for their chemistry. Produced by the renowned Ekta and Shobha Kapoor under Balaji Telefilms, the show enjoyed a successful run since its premiere in July 2023 before concluding earlier this year.

Addressing Past Rumors: Shivangi Joshi’s Clarification

Previously entangled in rumors of a romance with her “Balika Vadhu 2” co-star Randeep Rai, Shivangi Joshi firmly dispelled such claims in December 2022, asserting their relationship was purely platonic.


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