Sonali Bendre On Link Ups With Producers for Films

Sonali Bendre, an iconic figure from the 90s era of Bollywood, remains a beloved and cherished actress even today. As she prepares to grace the screens once again in the upcoming second installment of “The Broken News,” scheduled for release on May 3, she reminisces about her early days in the film industry.

Sonali Bendre On Link Ups With Producers

Reflecting on her initial career days, Sonali Bendre candidly recalls the pressure she faced from producers to conform to certain body standards. During that time, she was often urged to gain weight as she was deemed “too skinny” by industry standards. The prevailing trend in the 90s favored heroines with curvaceous figures, and producers were adamant about Sonali altering her physique to fit this mold. She reveals that she was constantly encouraged to eat more in order to achieve the desired curves, highlighting the industry’s fixation on body image during that era.

In an interview with Hauterrfly, Sonali Bendre delves into the prevalent norms of the 90s Bollywood industry. She humorously recounts how she was bombarded with advice to put on weight, with producers emphasizing the importance of having a fuller figure. The prevailing preference at the time was for actresses with voluptuous bodies and curly hair, which contrasted with Sonali’s naturally slender frame and straight black hair.

Skinny Details

Contrary to the industry’s standards, Sonali Bendre’s physique did not align with the traditional image of Bollywood heroines during the 90s. While producers and directors sought actresses with curves and curls, Sonali’s slender frame and straight hair set her apart. Despite the pressure to conform to societal norms, Sonali remained true to herself and embraced her natural appearance.

Sonali Bendre also sheds light on the rampant culture of link-up rumors that plagued the industry during the 90s. In an interview, she acknowledges that many of the rumors surrounding her alleged relationships and conflicts were baseless and untrue. However, she acknowledges that such gossip was often fabricated by producers as a means of generating publicity for their films. During that era, actors had little control over the rumors circulated about them, as producers exploited these narratives to drum up interest in their projects.

Reflecting on her own experiences, Sonali Bendre acknowledges the prevalence of fabricated rumors in the entertainment industry. She notes that while actors today may have some degree of agency in shaping their public image, during her time, they had little control over the narrative. The dissemination of false information for promotional purposes was a common practice, leaving actors with no choice but to navigate through the ensuing media scrutiny.

The Broken News Streaming Now

As Sonali Bendre prepares to return to the screen in “The Broken News,” she brings with her a wealth of experience and insight garnered from her illustrious career in the industry. The new season of the show, based on the BBC Studios format, promises to captivate audiences once again with its blend of satire and social commentary. Alongside Sonali, actors Jaideep Ahlawat and Shriya Pilgaonkar are set to reprise their roles, ensuring a delightful viewing experience for fans.


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