Pushpa-2 Shoot Starts from..?

When the first part of a series is a blockbuster, the makers of that series will definitely try to bring the sequel as soon as possible to cash on the craze. If they are sure that the second part may take a lot of time to be released, they will plan the first part’s climax in a way that it has a cliffhanger ending. This will ensure that the audience will flock to theatres for finding the answers to the questions that are left in the first part. Surprisingly, Pan-India blockbuster Pushpa makers tried neither. The ending of Pushpa The Rule was not any shocking cliffhanger like Baahubali and the makers are not in any hurry to start the shooting of the sequel. Pushpa was released in the December of last year yet, there are no signs of shooting till now.

Director Sukumar is said to have gone into an ultra-careful mode for the script work and asking the feedback of senior writers and acquaintances. They say that he is feeling the pressure of the Hindi belt which will be key in the collections of the film. On the other hand, Bunny made a tour of South African forests with family in the meantime. But finally, there seems to be good news for all the Pushpa fans worldwide. According to Tollywood sources, the regular shooting will start from the third week of August. Currently, the dates of the artists who are needed for the first schedule are being worked out. If everything falls in place for the movie team and the shoot goes on continuously, Pushpa The Rule might release in the Summer of 2023.


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