Prabhas Fans to go on Hunger Strike

Similar to the dialogue in his movie Saaho, Prabhas doesn’t just have fans but only die-hard fans. Many followers of the darling are ready to do anything for him. Even in the recent past, one of his fans wrote a letter to Salaar makers that he will commit suicide if the timely updates of the film are not given. That letter was viral all over social media. Now, it’s the turn of another set of hardcore fans to issue a warning to Rebel Star that they will go on a hunger strike if Prabhas doesn’t meet them and pose for photos.

Actually, almost every other heroes conduct meetings from time to time with their fan associations and have photoshoot sessions with them to satisfy them. But, in the case of Prabhas, he is too lazy and easygoing to conduct such kinds of interactions or pose for the photos. This is leading to unrest among the fans which is seen in occasional outbursts. Now, a fan called Prabhas Surya who says he is the president of the Srikakulam Prabhas fans association demanded Prabhas directly about conducting a photo session with the fans. Or else, he warned, they will be sitting in Hunger strike protest in Hyderabad.

“Many are getting clicked with Prabhas but those who are doing hard work at the root level don’t have any value. Does Prabhas even know that we do exist and we are in service on his behalf for the 365 days? All we ask from our hero is just a Photo with him. Even that was not being done by Prabhas’s PA. We are coming to Hyderabad on the 15th of next month. We will not leave the city until and unless Prabhas meets us. We will sit on hunger strike too if needed. Why are we neglected? Please decide what you will do in this matter by the 15th. Or else we will even meet Krishnam Raju sir too and tell him all the problems. He doesn’t know that you(Prabhas’s PA) look at us so cheaply. We will conduct a press-meet or circulate a video on the social media” warned the fan.


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