Can Fake Collections make Blockbusters?

A Unanimous blockbuster never needed to be announced as the people themselves will spread the good word about the film. But, will promoting a movie as a blockbuster can result in the turn of tables even when the outcome is poor? Not, says the cine experts. No matter how often the makers say that they have scored a super hit film, it doesn’t change the fact that people didn’t like that film and even the audience knows it and will laugh it off, say the experts. In Tollywood, it has become a trend for the filmmakers to announce that the film is a superhit and advertise it even when the flick is a disaster.

For example, a lot of small movies like Sammathame, Chor Bazar, Gangster Gangaraju etc have released last Friday. All of them were duds at the box office. It was clearly evident to audiences too as the reviewers had slammed these movies in and out. Despite all this, makers have been announcing and celebrating the fake successes of their films. It’s shocking to see them hold success meets with the press. It seems like they are thinking that these cheap PR stunts will bring the audience to the theatres which is absolute nonsense. No matter whatever they do, people will come to the theatres only with a strong word of mouth. Even that doesn’t work for some movies like Virataparvam. The makers have to keep this in mind and be careful while the project is at the script stage itself, says the cine experts.


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