Pavithra Lokesh Losing Chances?

Film Industry depends a lot on sentiments and the craze. When an actor is having a good name or some craze, the filmmakers cast them in their films to cash on the craze. Especially Telugu film industry is always ready to rope in this kind of stars. Wink beauty Priya Prakash Warrier, and Airtel model Shasha Chetri are two examples to quote. At the same time, when someone is facing negative reports on his or her personal or professional life, filmmakers do not hesitate a second to cut them off from their projects. Character actress Pavithra Lokesh is facing the latter issue now in the TFI (Read More). If the reports are to be believed, many filmmakers are considering replacing Pavithra’s role with other senior actresses. Her recent controversy regarding the relationship with Senior Naresh is the reason behind their decisions, said the sources.

Pavithra is known for motherly roles in the movies. The makers are fearing that her latest controversy might have some effect on her role in their respective projects, said the TFI sources. For the past few days, Naresh and Pavithra Lokesh have become the headlines in Karnataka and Telugu states. Naresh’s third wife Ramya Raghupathy caught them in a star hotel in Mysore and tried to attack them in front of the media. The visuals of Ramya’s chappal attack on Naresh and Pavithra have become viral on social media which didn’t help Pavithra’s cause as well. It has to be seen if this unofficial ban is limited to just Pavithra or if the makers bring Naresh too.


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