Huge Dates from Mahesh for Rajamouli!

To date in his career, Superstar Mahesh has never given bulk dates to a director. But the actor seems to be allotting years of his dates to SS Rajamouli’s film for the first time. According to the inside sources, the actor will have to work on the film for 3 years and change his looks too for the flick. As it is already known, perfectionist SSR takes a lot of time to sculpt his movies. That is the reason Ntr named him Jakkanna. For two parts of the Baahubali series, Rajamouli took more than 5 years and for RRR, it was 3 years. Now, for Mahesh’s movie too, Jakkanna has decided that at least 3 years are needed to make the movie.

Most probably, the story could be an adventure thriller in the backdrop of African forests and could be along the lines of Indiana Jones films. It will be made on a much larger scale than RRR, they say. The exciting news for the fans is that Mahesh may bulk up his body for this action entertainer. Since being made as a pan-world movie on a huge scale, Superstar also is said to be feeling obliged to do whatever Rajamouli wants. Jakkanna is planning the movie’s release in different languages and 35 countries in the world at a time. This movie will go on to sets as soon as Mahesh’s SSMB28 completes. There is a talk that at least some update on the movie will be provided to the fans on the occasion of Mahesh’s birthday on August 9th.


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