NCT’s Haechan And Johnny Accused Of Sleeping With Fans

K-pop idols Haechan and Johnny from the popular group NCT find themselves embroiled in a scandal. The accusations stem from claims that they were involved in intimate encounters with three Japanese women. Notably, two of these women were fans of other NCT members.

Twitter Account and Evidence

The controversy erupted when an account associated with Japan’s nightlife industry posted photos and inflammatory statements. This account, @kira_ceo_main, is known for connecting girls interested in the nightlife scene with host bars, high-profile clients, and plastic surgery sponsors. The tweet directly named Johnny and Haechan, alleging a 5-way encounter with the three women, who reportedly worked as cabaret hostesses. The tweet was swiftly taken down.

Hotel Connections and Social Media Clues

The evidence includes a screenshot from one of the girls’ social media posts, where they posed with a hotel room key. Interestingly, this hotel is The Capitol Hotel Tokyo, where Haechan had previously held a live stream.


Miu: “It’s Miu! Oppa, it was fun today. Let’s drink again next time.”

Johnny: “Kekeke okay. Text me.”

Miu: “When is the next time you will come to Japan? Hehe.”

Johnny: “March 8.”

Miu: “Oh! Let’s meet then. Hehe.”

Additionally, the group of five was allegedly spotted outside the hotel, with Johnny and Haechan among them. A photo shared by one of the girls hints at a night of revelry, featuring glasses, alcohol, cigarettes, and mysterious satchets. Mark’s photocard also appears in some of her social media photos, and she was seen at an NCT concert.

Viral Impact and Account Removal

The accusations quickly went viral, garnering millions of views on relevant tweets. The initial account that reposted the allegations, @lv999_V, has been taken down due to multiple reports from fans. Despite the need for further investigation, public interest remains high. One of the implicated girls has already removed her photos and changed her Instagram handle.

SM Entertainment’s Silence

As of now, SM Entertainment—the agency representing NCT—has not responded to the allegations. The situation continues to unfold, leaving fans and the industry awaiting an official statement.


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