Han Seo Hee Allegedly Exposes NCT Haechan’s Drug Use

Controversial trainee Han Seo Hee has once again captured attention on NCT Haechan for all the wrong reasons. On June 2, a post titled “Look At Haechan And Han Seo Hee” went viral. In this post, a netizen shared a photo of Haechan’s dog, which Han Seo Hee had previously uploaded to her Instagram story.

However, the situation escalated when Han Seo Hee posted another photo allegedly featuring a conversation with Haechan. Netizens accused her of seeking attention, while Haechan’s fans denied any romantic involvement between the two, claiming that the dog photo was from a long time ago.

Han Seo Hee’s Wallpaper Controversy

Photos of Han Seo Hee have been circulating on the internet, leading to further scrutiny. A post titled “Han Seo Hee’s Wallpaper” caught attention. The original poster (OP) zoomed into a picture and claimed that Han Seo Hee’s wallpaper was actually a photo of NCT’s Jaehyun from a past photoshoot. Netizens expressed anger, fearing that Han Seo Hee’s actions could negatively impact NCT and Jaehyun, potentially sparking dating rumors.

Decoding Haechan’s Conversation

On June 4, another post titled “Han Seo Hee Connects The Dot” gained significant traction. The author alleges that Han Seo Hee’s controversial conversation with NCT’s Haechan holds deeper meaning. Specifically, netizens found it odd that NCT Haechan wrote, “Ah, I don’t like Yeajin” (아 예진은 싫어), as the particle 은 is typically used after inanimate nouns. When referring to a person named Yeajin, Koreans would write 예진이는.


Now, a netizen suggests that Haechan’s use of Yeajin 은 was a code for “reservation only.” Additionally, terms like “Naver,” “Get it,” and “Signed CD” allegedly serve as coded references related to drug use. Han Seo Hee’s actions continue to generate controversy, with netizens dissecting every detail of her interactions and posts. The situation remains complex and intriguing for those following the drama closely


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