Multiplexes Killing Cinema – Director Teja

Being one of the finest directors in Tollywood, Director Teja is also a straightforward man. He speaks boldly and is afraid of no one. If he talks about something, it must become a hot topic. Recently he made sensational comments on the prices of popcorn, coke and samosas multiplexes.

Recently as a part of ‘Ramabanam’ promotions, Macho star Gopichand was interviewed by director Teja. They discussed things like what director Sriwass likes and the concept of the film. In this order, OTTs and theatres were mentioned. As part of this, Teja reacted boldly.

Most of the audience wants to watch the movie while eating popcorn and drinking Coke. He said that there will be fun in that and only then they will enjoy the movie in theatres. Many people say that the prices of popcorn, coke and samosas in multiplexes are high and they are unable to afford them, that’s why they are unable to go to multiplexes. This is why the movie dies. In fact, it is OTTs that kill cinema, not TV, only popcorn can kill it, he said.

Moreover, he also responded that the reason behind the death of Hindi films is not the audience, but the prices of popcorn sold in multiplexes. Telugu states have mostly single screens. That’s why this Industry survives. He said that the audience should go to single theatres where the movie will be seen on a big screen as most of the multiplexes have small screens.

People’s Media Factory produced Ramabanam starring Gopichand as a hero and Dimple Hayathi as the heroine with Jagapathi Babu and Khushbu in key roles. The movie will be released on May 5.

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