MM Keeravani Twitter War on Resul!

The big brother always stands up for his smaller brother. The same is happening in SS Rajamouli’s case too. As the Oscar-winning sound designer Resul Pookutty has commented on SSR’s recent blockbuster RRR as a ‘gay love story’, the director’s elder brother MM Keeravani seems to have taken this very personal. He started tweeting a few posts which do not seem to make any sense but clearly indicates that they are targeted at Resul. In one of the Tweets, Keeravani has even gone into vulgar words. Later he deleted that and started yet again with different posts on Wednesday morning.

“I turned 61 reCENTly.bALD, grey hAIR, PooR eye sight, Obesity and memory LoSs. But I manage to FEEL younger wiTH My sTUPID inability to tYPE. marakaTHAMANi keeravaani”

“Yeeeeey… my typing defect is gone !! Thanks to my language coach Sri Venigalla Vishweswara Sharma garu, But now I suffer from character blindness- a new problem similar to colour blindness. Going to see a doctor today”

“I am not able to see Ram and Bheem characters from RRR anymore ( who looked like having shared a special relationship). All I can see is a mother waiting for a lifetime for her daughter Malli who was abducted.
Hope my vision gets improved soon.”

“I also can see Ajay sir as a patriot who trained hundreds with arms for freedom. OMG, but why can’t I see anybody else? Hey NTR, hey Charan, Hey Alia please forgive me for my character blindness. My doctor is not taking my calls this early”

These are the tweets of the legendary musician as early as 5 o clock on Wednesday. Seems like MM Kreem might not back off from the war until Resul accepts his mistake and apologizes. Already Baahubali producer Shobu Yarlagadda too blasted Resul for his bad taste in commenting on a film which has a lot of layers and years of hard work. Resul defended himself saying that he just quoted what the opinion of the movie was in some public and resting his case there. Though Shobu didn’t respond to the tweet, MMK doesn’t seem to be resting.


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